September 27, 2010

 Come fly, lets fly,go  fly so high, reach the highest sky!

September 16, 2010

"My Stargirl rules the sky..."

Real Madrid VS AFC Ajax

I watched the match between Real Madrid VS AFC Ajax this morning, at 1.30 am Jakarta's time zone.
Of course the reason I watched is because my baby role model Cristiano Ronaldo was in it and also Real Madrid is one of my favorite football club.
The final score was 2-0, won by Real Madrid.
The first goal was an own goal by Ajax and the second goal was scored by Gonzalo Higuain.
These are some snapshots from the match:
Real Madrid
Angel Di Maria & Demy de Zeeuw
This was how the own goal was scored
Gonzalo Higuain & Álvaro Arbeloa after scoring the 2nd goal
Xabi Alonso & Demy de Zeeuw

Iker Casillas
Mesut Özil & Gregory van der Wie
Cristiano Ronaldo

José Mourinho


September 14, 2010

"Falling's not the problem, when I'm falling I'm in peace...'s only when I hit the ground, it causes all the grief."
 - Machine, Florence & The Machine
I could really use a wish right now...
Love Triangle

a classic problem...
a terrible desease...
Every Princess has a Prince...
Every girl deserves her Mr. Right...

Mine? Mmmm...

Somewhere out there, probably still waiting...
he knows one day I'll come around...

September 13, 2010

The angel side of Cristiano Ronaldo




No, I'm not being over-dramatic.
Yes, I'm freaking in love with this novel.

The title of the book is 'Stargirl', it was written by a guy named Jerry Spinelli.
And this is how the story goes...

Stargirl Caraway is a new kid in Mica High School, formerly home schooled and attending her first public school ever. Her behavior is unusual for a teenager in her school. She wears outrageous clothing, she sings Happy Birthday to everyone in school accompanied by her ukulele, she has a rat called Cinnamon as her pet and etc.
At first, everybody likes her for her 'difference' but then, everything change. They started to hate her because they thought that Stargirl is way too weird and unbelievable.

A guy named Leo Borlock was so in love with Stargirl. After Stargirl's popularity ends, she and Leo begin an obvious romance. Soon, though, Leo realizes the entire school rejects the couple. Desperate to undo this curse, he begs Stargirl to change and become "normal", so she becomes "Susan", the name she was born with. She drops her unconventional clothing and acts like all the other students at the school. She becomes obsessed with being “accepted” and popular. This plan, however, does not work.

So what happened next?
Did Stargirl keep on trying until she's 'accepted'?
Or did she give up?
Does her relationship with Leo lasts?
What is actually their problem?
Eager to find out?
One answer: you MUST READ this novel.

This book has a simple plot of story, but still, to me it is romantic. I'm so touched.
Tell you what, I'm so in love with Leo Borlock. Even if he's only a fiction character, I'm love him, a bit obsessed.
I love how they spend time together. I just can't help the romance between Stargirl and Leo. I love the way he shows his love to Stargirl. Sweet and a bit shy. He cares so much for her.

Stargirl is actually a serial book, and there are 2 books of Stargirl serial.

In my point of view, book one (Stargirl) is better (my favorite ever) than book two (Love, Stargirl). Why? Because Leo is not in book two and he is my favorite character of the serial (yeah you know how much I'm in love with him).
I haven't finished book two yet but i promise you I'll make a post of Love, Stargirl when I'm finished.

So, this book is...

I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I do :D :D